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We provide restaurants or other businesses with easy to use, low maintenance services to allow them to stop worrying and start working.
Mobile Ordering

With Mobile Ordering, both your waiters and your customers can order from anywhere in the restaurant, directly from their mobile device, whether android, apple or any smart-device with an up-to-date browser. With this feature, your waiters would be able to take orders directly from the table and have them display in real-time in the kitchen or any other station. You are also able to provide your customers tablets of your choice or even let them use their own smartphone or tablet to order from the table!

Online Ordering
(Coming Soon)

With Online Ordering, your restaurant will gain visibility through our website and allow your customers to place orders directly from there. You can choose any of your menus; your customers will be able to place orders for delivery or takeout. Our systems automate credit card checking and payment processing. Do not wait anymore; let your customers see what you have to offer in clean pictures, and take some of the load off your staff by reducing the amount of calls your restaurant gets.

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About US

Our Goal is to Bring the Dining Experience to the Next Level
For Everyone

    We believe that the technology and services we bring are the next step in the evolution of the restaurants business world wide. Whether in restaurants or any similar domains, we open up the possibilities by providing you and your clients easy-to-use solutions.

   Our goal is to offer a full range of services that are affordable to opening restaurants, while reducing the up-front cost of starting a business.

   In short, we offer you a buffet of amazing tools, it's all YOURS to pick what best suits YOU.

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Have a pick; choose the services you are interested in for your restaurant or business.
Cloud Services

What it means to you is that you don't have servers to take care of or worry about, no computer box in your way.

Fast Remote Updates

Old are the days where one had to wait for a technician or download an update to get new features. Any new feature and adjustment will integrate

seemlessly in your workflow, without any downtime.

Compatible With Any Device

Any smartphone that has a QR of NFC Reader will be fully working with our systems. Android or iPad tablets are also fully compatible if that is your desire.

User Friendly

One of our most important focus is to make the services user friendly. This includes the services used by both your clients AND your employees. Our aim

is to have a short and sweet learning curve.

Clean Strategy

We know you work hard to run your business. Our solutions provide adaptable workflows that can be tight-fitted to your specific needs.

Awesome Support

We'll always do our best when working with you. We will get you back on track as soon as possible if anything doesn't go as planned.

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